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  • Sebastian
    I met Seb in Cody's discord server. His voice sounded different than others so I made a joke about it since I didn't know his condition. When Raven told me, I immediately sent him a message apologizing for the joke and he showed interest in me, I may say HUGE interest, we coincided in calls more often and he had a special focus on me, I noticed this but I didn't get my hopes high. After a week we were the closest friends, but I was falling in love already. Shortly after I just hoped for the best and confessed my feelings for him, surprisingly he was feeling the same, and that 27th October, a beautiful love story began. Sadly It came to an end two months after. We're still friends.
  • Anna Grozdeva
    Germany (Bulgarian)
    I met Anna in the old Joey's discord server. I thought she was just a cool girl. Some years later, I was on my way to end my life and I sent a goodbye message to all my friends. I sent her one too, she texted me and the sweetness and touch she showed through that message made me think that maybe it was worth living a bit more, we became the closest friends and we were very happy together, but I developed something more than a friendship and fell in love with her, sadly, she didn't feel the same, I got really sad a frustrated for a while but I decided to forget and forgive that and we kept being friends. We don't talk as much as before but we still call from time to time and text each other.
  • Angelica
    I meet Angelica thanks to Cody, via his discord server. Angelica has a passion for music and so do I, so I was writing and song and wanted her opinion, from there we talked and I found she's a really sweet and funny person to chill with.
    Also, she's amazing at singing and playing the ukulele.
  • Noel (BestAsianBoi)
    Switzerland (Chinese)
    I met AsianBoi thanks to Voserman. He added me to a call with some friends of his where AsianBoi was in, he's a cool dude and fun to play with and against.
  • Adam Lorenz Voser (Voserman)
    Switzerland (Indonesian)
    I met Voserman in a TF2 Mann Vs. Machine match, in Mannhattan. He was playing Demoman on top of a crate making stupid but funny puns related to the game, I found something in him that I can't explain so I added him to my fríends list. I got a bit sad that he didn't add me but after a day or two he accepted my request and we got close to each other. He's chill and caring and adding him was one of the best decisions of my life.
  • Yuri Ostrowki
    United States
    I met Yuri because he was Voserman's best friend, Voserman asked if he could add a friend to the call and I said I didn't mind, Yuri joined and I knew I wanted to be his friend, I loved his personality. We were close, like brothers, but he started taking bad decisions in love. This caused him to be very dependent on toxic girls that were not worth being with him. I think I will always be able to forgive him but it's a hard situation for both of us, I still care for him quite a lot.
  • Anas Sultan
    I met Anas because he was Raven's friend, we played together and became friends. He was a really inexperienced person and he saw me as a guide, im proud of how much he improved in every aspect, I wish we talked more often.
  • Mohammed Abuoune (Raven)
    I met Raven in a csgo ranked match, in Cache while playing with Joey, I made funny voices to fool him and I did. We got extremely close to eachother in just a few weeks and I really liked to be with him. He got away from me because I was obsessed with him, so I attempted to end my life because of this, after all the problems lowered a little I just accepted him how he is and fixed my obsession, now we are just normal friends.
  • Cody
    I met Cody thanks to Raven, he kept talking about him and forced me to interact with him, after a few texts I got interested in Cody and from there he just got closer and closer to me, I'd say he's one of my few favorite people ever and I enjoy being with him very much. We aspire to become roomates one day.
  • Joey
    I met Joey in a csgo ranked match in Cache, to be fair I just added him because he played very good and I wanted to rank up, but i got closer to him and we became friends, thanks to him I met a lot of people but sadly his decisions took all my trust away and now we are not friends anymore. He was Cody's boyfriend but Joey broke up with him due to his hard situation.
  • Shannon
    I met Shannon in TF2, during a Mann Vs. Machine match, he was sitting on a rock in Rottenburg 2 Cities tour making scout and soldier voices saying funny stuff. He likes Borderlands as much as me and he really supported all my projects, he's a good person and im glad I met him.
  • Marios Ioannou (FancyPredator)
    I met him in a TF2 server, during a 2Fort game. He talked to me in the game chat and asked how could he get better at the game, I added him and taught him a little bit and we became friends.
  • Klaus
    I met Klaus via Raven, he was always mentioning him and I got really curious about him, and when I met him I was not disappointed. He's one of the chillest people I know and his sense of humor always gets me a grin.
  • F1
    I met this guy in PAYDAY 2, I made a lobby for missions in the highest difficulty and he joined, we played both alone and he was as good as me so we made the perfect team. After a few months I stopped playing PAYDAY 2 so he unfriended me. He was basicly my first online regular friend.